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Ask the Broker? What do you tell the Buyer that says, “I can wait to buy!".

You could, but let’s review what you miss out on:

  1. Low Interest Rates. With low rates, your rent is NOT too far from your proposed Mortgage payments

  2. Don’t forget, you're paying a mortgage payment, you're paying the Landlord’s MORTGAGE payment. They just call it, RENT!

  3. Tax benefits, Interest rate deduction on your 1040. You're saving thousands by buying a home.

  4. Appreciation! In most areas (Los Angeles), homes are appreciated from 3-10% annually.

Let’s add that up. But before we do, let’s establish an example of today’s payment. Average sales price, $500K @ 3% over 30 years = Principal & Interest (PI) $2,108.92

  1. % NOW, 3% vs 2011 interest rates going @ 4.85% (FreddieMac web page) $2,646.04 vs $2,108.92=$537.12. Multiply that savings by 12 months X = $6,445.

  2. Average rent for 3bdrms in Los Angeles, per HACLA $2,735.00 X 12= $32,820 with NOTHING to show, but your receipts. You can NOT write off rent.

  3. Your payment $2,108.92 X 12 months =$25,307.04. Most new loans, your first 7 years, it’s 99% interest you're paying. So, you could deduct over $25K in interest expense. Ask your taxperson.

  4. Let’s work with appreciation of 5%. $500k X 5% for one year, your value of your home just increased by $25K.

So, in closing, by waiting, you could potentially lose $89,572. So, don’t wait, give me a call today and let’s get you started on your homeownership!

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