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El Mercado York Village Arts & Crafts Fair

One of the best things about living in Highland Park is the strong sense of community you immediately feel just walking down any of its streets. Well this past weekend was no exception, and El Mercado York Village Art & Crafts Fair was on full swing to bring out the best of Highland Park's community artists and street food.

What makes El Mercado so special is that its completely self-run by the neighbors that inhabit our community, which gives it a very "locals only" flair that can be sensed as soon as you step out onto York Blvd. Looking for some great tacos and Latin street food? Check. Looking to browse some amazing jewelry and apparel from one of the local vendors? Check. Do you like Lowriders and 90s hip-hop?? Double Check. Even if you have never visited Highland Park in your life, you can get a pretty good sense of the neighborhood in just five minutes of walking around El Mercado.

My favorite part of the whole event was seeing all the families that were excited to just hang out on a Saturday with the rest of the neighborhood. Kids jumping around to the music, elderly folks perusing the wares of the local artisans, and the young couples just looking to just spend some time together.

To the outsider looking at El Mercado, it may seem just like any other local community street fair. But to to the rest of us it is a sign of the times that not only is Highland Park a rich, diverse community but we are only getting bigger and better!

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