• Robert Silva

Fixer Upper in Pasadena

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

When you're in the real estate business, you come to learn that every home has a story.

When I first arrived at 1346 Forest Ave in Pasadena, it looked like any ordinary house on the block with a few signs of wear and tear on the outside. Boy was I wrong! The interior of the home had suffered a lot of damage, and the back garage had burned down decades ago. I could tell this was going to be a tough sell.

Once I spoke to the seller in greater detail, I learned the story of the family and what they had gone through. In these trying times, it's easy to see how one or more drastic changes in life can greatly affect a family and their home and this family was no exception. After many years of struggling to keep the property within the family and well maintained, the seller and her family knew it was time to sell. It's never easy to have to let go of the home where you grew up, but the job must be done and I must do my best for my client and their family.

Aside from the obvious damage, the property has tons of potential! Located just a few blocks from the Rose Bowl, 1346 Forest Ave is nestled in a quiet Pasadena residential community that is full of schools and families. If you were to build on top of the old garage, you could create a secondary living unit that could serve as a guest house or residential income. In my experience any house can be repaired, it just depends on your vision.

Will it take a ton of work. You bet. Is it worth it? It sure is.

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