• Robert Silva

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Escrow

When news of the quarantine first broke, my client and I were in the middle of an escrow with another buyer. Pretty soon after, the escrow fell through and we had to start the process all over again (which was very disheartening to the buyer). When it comes to making sure your client is happy, it's always a great idea to prepare your client for the unexpected. After a brief discussion, I let my client know that even the best deals can fall through and this is the process one must endure to sell a home in a tough market. She agreed, and I started to make some calls.

In light of this setback, I was prepared with several backup offers from other buyers who were still interested and we were able to renew the escrow process. I learned from my early days of real estate that an agent should always have several backup offers ready to go in case one should fall through, and this deal was no exception. Properties fall in and out of escrow all the time. It's important to remember that when you're selling your home, you must be patient with the process.

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