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New Postcard for the month of May!

"Believe you can, and you're halfway there - Theodore Roosevelt."

When it comes to real estate and finance, this quote is quite applicable to your average buyer or seller.

The reason why most buyers are hesitant to make a move in real estate is because they see home ownership as an impossibility. But the hardest step is the first one, and realtors like us make it our job to educate the people on what their options are and how we can help them achieve their dream of owning a home today or down the line.

With sellers, it's a bit different. They have the safety of a home, but are they willing to get up and move to make a new life for themselves and their families? That's the question I often find sellers wondering, (and to be fair it's a good one).

Which is why we felt this month's postcard design represents exactly how a lot of us feel, and to know that we at Silva Real Estate Group are always here to help, regardless of your situation.

If you are still thinking of making a move or wondering if buying or selling is the right move for you, please don't hesitate to give us a call and see how our family can assist yours.


Rob Silva

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