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Surfside building collapse latest: Death toll rises to 64 as search effort pauses during demolition

The death toll at the 12-story residential building that partially collapsed in South Florida's Miami-Dade County last week has risen to 64, leaving 121 unaccounted for, as search and rescue efforts paused amid preparations to demolish the remaining structure, officials said Saturday.

As tragic as this story may be, what is even more heartbreaking is that all of this could have possibly been avoided. Multiple news sources are now reporting that tenants of the collapsed building were complaining to management that the building "was always shaking" several years before the collapse.

No one can ever truly prepare for a disaster such as this, but If I've learned anything in my career you should always be extra vigilant when it comes to foundation and tenant safety. A few cracks here and there aren't usually a problem, but over the years a small crack can grow into a large fissure and that's when the danger occurs.

Which is why I always make sure to encourage my clients to select a trusted home inspection service before any home purchase. It may cost a little more which can upset an already stressed client, but just like a regular visit to the doctor it can help you discover problems ahead of time before they become serious.

For more information on this story as it develops, please read the full article here:

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