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Hiking the Grand Canyon

All I can say is... Wow!

The beauty and the perseverance it took was just out of this world. We started Friday morning @ 630 am. Our plan was to descend, hiking down the Kaibab Trail. Now, again, what I saw was awesome, in the sense of natures beauty. But the hike was a tough one. We dropped in elevation pretty quick, so you have to get your legs in shape. I am still a bit confused, the map state 7.5 miles, but my phone app says, we walked 13.3 miles. I really don't know who's right, but you have to prepare. By the way, we reached the bottom by 12 noon. And, something important, there is not water stations down the Kaibab Trail.

When we got to the Colorado Rivers, we were feeling the heat, per weather report, 109. Per Ranger, 113. But the water was cold. My hiking buddies, jump in, but it was just to cold for me. But, I asked myself, when we'll I return, so I tried it, but could only do a quick dunk and right back up. We were suppose to camp out, but it was just to HOT. My hiking buddy, Armando had an idea and it paid of. We asked if there was any cabins available and there was one, YES! So, we slept inside a cabin with AC. The only bummer was, hiking down with our backpacks. If we new we would end up at a cabin, then there was no reason for the backpacks and weight.

On our return back up, to beat the heat, we started @ 330 am. Believe it or not, that made a difference. I have never hike at night, so I was a bit concern, but I knew we need to adapt. Start back up the Bright Angel Trail. This trail was way more easier on the legs than the other one. It also had water and rest stations. Nonetheless, it was a bit tough as well. We finished at the Rim @ 1230 pm. The maps said, 10.5 miles, but my app said 13.9 miles.

In closing, the Kaibab Trail was tougher than the Bright Angel Trail. Would I do it again, now that I had time to think about it, YES I would. Now, knowing what to expect, I would prepare better.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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